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  1. All players must be current and valid GWR PE members at the time of each event.

  2. A maximum of 4 players may be registered per team for the qualifiers and for the Inter-Regional Championships.

  3. The entry fee will be determined by the committee which will cover all costs.

  4. The format of each event will depend upon the number of entries

  5. Results will be based on games won with points difference considered when games equal. If there is still a tie the winning team when they played each other will be considered above the other. If there is a no-show from a team their opponents will be awarded a 13-7 win.

  6. At the end of each event your team will know where it has finished in relation to the other teams who have played in the event.

  7. At the end of the qualifying events GWR will know where each team has finished in the Qualifiers and will know the teams to represent GWR at the PE Inter-Regional Championships

  8. Any team which deciding not to go to the PE Inter-Regional Championships will have their scores voided if they withdraw within 1 month of the final Qualifier. After that the first reserve team will automatically be promoted.

  9. At least 2 players from the original registered team must attend the Championships for the team’s position in the squad to be maintained. The 2 replacement players to join the team will be the decision of the committee.

  10. Medals will be awarded to the top performing teams both in the Championship and Challenge squads.

  11. Teams after qualification will be in either the Championship or Challenge Division.

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