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Bath Grand Cru PC


Sunday 22 August at Leicester Banks Petanque Club.

The PE Trophy is the tournament for those teams which won their way through to the semi-finals of The PE Euro Cup for Clubs and who were runners up in their semi-final group of 4. 

In our case, the semi-final group was played at Oxshott, Surrey and the winning team was The Meadow club from Kent.  Meadow went forward to play against London 1, Baldock and River Hamble in the Cup Final, also played on the same day at Leicester Banks.


The 4 teams playing in The Euro Cup Plate (early rounds losers) were also there, with Railway winning that.


Our group of 4 in The PE Trophy:   Bath Grand Cru (team was named “The Bath Sporting Cocks” to differentiate from our other team which played under the club’s name), London 2, Cobbetts, The Feering Ball.


The teams played against the other 3.  Every match resulted in a 3-2 finish, with us and Feering Ball both with 2 wins and 8 games won.  We won overall as we had a greater points difference.  All extremely close and tense matches on a tricky terrain.  Probably the toughest day of playing Petanque I’ve experienced.

So pleased to have emerged as Trophy Champs, with a real team effort.  Good players playing with an excellent team spirit and supporting each other so well.

I believe it may be the first time that any GWR club has achieved this success, but these days GWR players and teams are becoming more widely recognised as a playing force in the sport.


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