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"Bath Grand Cru Petanque Club le Grand Crunch!

The new Petanque season may well be fast approaching, but we're currently seeing the main event of the rugby world: The 2019 Six Nations Championship.

The Bath Grand Cru Club decided to bring both sports together for, "le Grand Crunch," when on Saturday 10th February club members from the opposites sides of The Channel met in Bath's Queen Square to compete in a (friendly?) Petanque match before going on to watch the rugby international together at a local pub. 

Les Rosbifs, Captained by Chris Garratt played against Thierry Sarkissian's French team, for The Frog and Rosbif Trophy.

After a toast of the traditional Petanque aperitif, le Ricard, and the exchanging of the old socks carrying each country's emblem, it was down to business on the terrain.  Can it ever be a friendly contest between players of these two countries?

And so, amidst great cheering and gallic uproar, the match unfolded with all players competing fiercely for their country's honour and neither team being prepared to allow the opposition any concession.

As to be expected there was much English gamesmanship and French cheating of course, leading to the decisive final end of the deciding game.  As the English traditionally do so well, it would have been rather rude and inhospitable not to allow the French to snatch victory.

And, so the Frog and Rosbif Trophy was duly presented to the jubilant Thierry and his team, and no doubt will remain in some damp and dusty French cellar until next time. 

All involved moved on to enjoy the afternoon social event at the pub, where the French continued to sing triumphantly but just for a very short time as the English Rugby team managed to do what the Petanque team failed to do on this occasion.

All agreed it was a good event to share our entente cordiale together.