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PRACTICE on your own!

The 6 boule shooting challenge

You need your own 3 boules and 6 target boules.

How to play:

From the playing circle, place 6 boules on the ground as follows (using clock face numbers as a guide) and mark their positions

by scoring the ground or another method of marking:

1 boule at 6m (measured from inside edge of playing circle) and 10 o' clock

1 boule at 6.5m and 10.30

1 boule at 12 o' clock and 7 m (ie directly in front of the player and the circle)

1 boule at 12 o' clock and 8.5 m

1 boule at 2 o' clock and 6m

1 boule at 1.30 and 6.5m

The player shoots at one boule each time he/she steps into the playing circle.

Boules may be shot in any order, although probably go clockwise but leaving the 8.5m target boule until last.

Player has total of 6 shots to play, so after 3 shots, will need to collect boules for next 3. 

Player has one attempt only at shooting each boule in turn, and must nominate the boule aimed for.

A successful shot will at least visibly move the target boule from its spot.

Your score is the number of successful shots out of 6 at each attempt


Playing tips:

look for a smooth and consistent action

come out of the playing circle after each shot and step back in for next one

visualize a successful shot before stepping into the circle

point lead foot on playing arm side at target

keep fingers together

at end of follow through, leave arm and hand out in front as if posing for a photo  (hand should finish pointing at target)

keep a straight arm forward swing

relax but focus on target boule only and nothing else once in the circle

use non-playing arm for balance use a backswing

Remember the key:


YOU ARE TRYING TO REPLACE THE TARGET BOULE WITH YOUR OWN not blasting it as far away as possible

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