GWR Singles
GWR Doubles

2018  Clive de Silva     Phil Bradshaw

2019  Clive de Silva        Phil Bradshaw          



GWR Player of the Year

2018  Clive de Silva     Chris Spray


GWR One -  PE Regional Championships

2018     Thierry Sarkissian

             Gary Lee

             Mo Annane

2019    Phil Bradshaw

            Martin Britton

            Jan Weaver

            Gay Evans

GWR Triples
GWR Ladies Doubles
GWR Shooting
GWR Mixed Doubles
GWR Winter League

2018     Clive de Silva / Chris Spray /

            Mike Mathias


2018   Keith Edwards

2019 Clive de Silva

2018  Di Greenaway   Gill Brooks

2019  Chris Spray          Jan Weaver


2018  Thierry Sarkissian

2019  Phil Bradshaw   




2018  Chris Garrett, Andy Briggs, Sammy Mosely




2018  Phil Bradshaw, Gay Evans

2019  Phil Bradshaw, Gay Evans




2019  Clive de Silva ,Phil Bradshaw , Adrian Williams



2019    Clive de Silva / Phil Bradshaw /

            Ade Williams

GWR Over 50 Doubles

2017 Alan McInnes

         Jacquii Anderson

2018 Clive de Silva

         Phil Bradshaw

2019 Clive de Silva

         Adrian Williams

GWR Top Team - PE Regional Champs

2018     Phil Bradshaw / Martin Britton /

            Alex Britton

GWR Over 55 Doubles

2018  Michael Mills & John Day




2019  Steve Charman & Geoff  Wyatt





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