COB - Gladiators:Mike Mills,Alan McInnes, Phil Weaver, Christine Spray

COB - Codfathers :Clive de Silva, Adrian Williams, Mike Mathias,Humph Henry

Northey Nomads: Peter Dixon, Bob Prior, Keith Edwards,Terry Basson

COB - Romans :Jan Weaver, Phil Bradshaw, Gay Evans, Martin Britton

COB - The Larks:Clive Burge, Richard Patrick, Steve Charman, Geoff Wyatt

The Outlaws:Gerry Ough,  Joe Paris, Nigel Law*

MGB:Malcolm Brooks, Gill Brooks, Mike Wells, John Zarola

Wiltshire Wanderers:Sue McKechnie, Bob Rumble, Keith Dancer,Dave Ashford

COB - Banjacs: Cary Bush: Mary Bradridge: Nigel Manley

Far and away:Robert Arthur,Glynn Miller,Oussema Hamdaoui,Trevor Gibb

RWB:Andrew Anderson, Jacquii Anderson, Allan Bond, Lee Herring(*4th for Team2)

COB - Brakes: Chris McGinn, Christine McGinn, Gordon Wilkinson

grand cru TGV: gary lee, andrew briggs, david ramplin, chris garratt

HBC Agriculturalists:Richard Winter-Alsop,John Winter-Alsop, Caroline Winter-Alsop,ANO

Northey Original: Graham Cogswell, Allen Lovelock, Steve Richman and Callum Paterson 

Hamsters:Mike Curd, Kevin Ford, Alison Curd, Annie Ford

COB - the Incrediboules: Bryan Huish, Dan Murphy, Jeremy Colledge

Northey Arms 24th March starting at 10am

Sa 30th at Red Bull, RWB 7th April, 28th April and May 5th


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