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2023/24 Winter Doubles

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GWR WD2019 fixtures

You are invited to enter a team of two or more players n this year’s GWR Winter Doubles League. Please enter via the GWR web site The entry fee is £20 per player and the entry list will close on Friday 13 October. If you wish to have more players in your squad than the entry form allows, please email the additional details to

All payments must be made by Faster Payments Transfer to the credit of the bank account of Great Western Pétanque EPA: Sort Code 30-94-80 Account Number 02616303 quoting the team captain’s name. You can register additional players at any time by emailing and paying an additional fee (£5 per game or £20 for all remaining games).

As in previous years, the league will be limited to 30 teams organised in groups of three to help with travel arrangements for related teams. Groups of teams will play each other on Sundays, normally fortnightly, from 29 October with a break for Christmas, so that’s three games in a match. The provisional dates for this year’s fixtures are:

In 2023:


5 November, 19 November,

3 December, 17 December

 In 2024: 

7 January, 21 January,

4 February, 18 February,

3 March

Venues will be confirmed once the entry list is closed and I can organise the groups of teams to ensure appropriate venue hosts are available for each fixture.

We expect and require all teams to play all of their matches but we recognise some teams may struggle to play on every date. We will allow groups of teams to arrange to play their opposing group on a mutually agreed alternative date – please let me know nearer the time if any of you intend to do this

Thanks a lot

Trevor Glenton

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