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What a successful weekend for GWR at the Inter Regional Competitions at Melton Mowbray!

The Championship squad were the winners of Division 2 gaining promotion to Division 1 next year.  Team 6 won 9 out of 10 games  becoming the top scoring team in Division 2 and being presented with a prize. Their team was Ann & Steve Charman, Mary Bradridge & Cary Bush, Congratulations to them all!  An amazing performance. We were all very grateful to Malcolm Brooks the Team Manager who worked hard at taking our scores and seeing that we went to the correct pistes.

The Challenge squad came third in Division 2 which was creditable but not quite in the promotion zone.They were supported by Gill Brooks who was their Team Manager.  We thanks both Gill and Malcolm for their hard work over the weekend.

The excitement for Sunday was the National Shooting Competition with our very own Alex Moriarty winning the Junior event. What a roar went up from the orange shirted supporters when we realised he had won! He was very ably supported by Thierry Sarkissian as his coach during the competition.    Sue

Standings: Top 8 Championship - Next 4 Challenge - Last 4 Reserves


IRQ21 Entries

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