Chris Spray/Oussema Hamdaoui

John Batty / Maria Batty
Dave Ramplin / Sam Ramplin

John Randall / Fe Lye

Steve Charman / Ann Charman

Peter Mills / Jo Dean

Cary Bush / Mary Bradridge

Gay Evans / Phil Bradshaw

Sue McKechnie / Bob Rumble

Di Greenaway / Andy Briggs

Jan Weaver / Phil Weaver

Christine Cox / Christopher McGinn


If your club is not an PE registered club you can still advertise your events on our website for a yearly fee.

If you are an PE registered club or an PE member  then please send us your news and pictures and we will place them on our website. If you have a tournament that needs publicising then please let us know and we can add it to the GWR tournament schedule.

Please send your information to GWR News at :  news@gwrpetanque.co.uk or lee@3points.co.uk

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