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As a paid up Pétanque England member for 2020 you will have received notices from PE recently in respect of the postponed Annual General Meeting and in respect of subsequent upcoming elections, notably for the role as president for which there are two candidates:




Just about all GWR playing members, and probably most others, will have had dealings with Clive, either in actual competition or in his previous role as GWR Competitions Manager during which he served on the Regional committee. He is a serving Pétanque England director, a role which he has held since 2019.




It is understood that David has been a serving Pétanque England director since its inception (a founding director) and previously served as an English Pétanque Association committee member.


There are no block (or regional) nominations in respect of the upcoming election of the new president. Nominations are individual and members who wish to vote will need to do so based upon their own judgment and choice.


Each candidate has, of course, submitted a profile in support of his nomination and, as is the nature of elections, campaigning for support is likely. For those GWR members who wish to follow online social media news in respect of the election, it is suggested that a good place to start will be the Pétanque England Facebook page


where Martin Hughes, a current PE director, will likely act as moderator. The Facebook page itself is a public page, currently has more than 2400 followers and is a lively source of information, news, and opinion.


GWR committee has no actual role to play in this matter and, like you, will act according to preference.


Thank you for reading this.


Bob Rumble

GWR President

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